Production of virus- free potato seed tuber

  • Trial production of 64000 virus- free potato seed tuber – 2005
  • Optimization of culture condition of virus freed plantlets for economic production of minituber- 2005
  • Transferring of technology to private company in Isfahan-2005


In vitrovirus elimination of potato varieties for private companies

  • Virus elimination & mass propagation of 11 potato varieties for 28 private company
  • Meet the needs of the country by production of more than 12 milionminituber
  • Occupation


Potato is one of the important crops which yields more than 376 million tons tubers, is ranked as top forth crops worldwide. Iran produces about 5 million tons potato at 160,000 ha and is placed at 13th in the world. Potato is traditionally propagated by dividing tubers which during this practice, various pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and viroides could be yearly disperse and results in a major decrease of yield.  So, the novel approaches to each year’s production of healthy potato seed tubers are developed.  During 2005, about 2000 tones of super elite seeds are mainly imported from European countries which not only caused the outflow of currency (4 million dollars), but also may risk the food safety and breakout of quarantine infections such as powdery scab and golden nematode. Obviously, remarkable costs must be paid to controlling such foreign pests and pathogens. In this case, Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran (ABRII) have been successfully achieved to the self- sufficiency program of potato seed tuber production and transferred the technology of in vitro production of pathogen- free stock plants to private companies. Today, about 28 laboratories are actively produce 10 million minitubers which meet the whole demand in our country. Yearly, about 6000 pathogen free stock plants are delivered to companies. After 2007, in spite of the decrease in planting area, production potential was increased. During 5 past years, the average yield elevated to 27 tons/ha which is 7- fold more than world average yield.


The effect of in vitro production of plantlets on importing potato seed tuber and Foreign exchange saving.




Protocol of mass propagation of Aloe vera

  • Mass propagation and delivery of 1418 plantlets to “MahSimaNavid” Company

  • Mass propagation and delivery of 3220 plantlets to “TarbiatModares” university
  • Protocol of mass propagation of Stevia rebaudiana
  • Mass propagation, transferring of technology and delivery of 100 plantlets to “GazSeke” Company
  • Protocol of mass propagation of strawberry (Fragariavesca)
  • Transferring of technology to “Shin AranKordestan” Company..


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