Tissue Culture and Plant Production Development Group

tissue culture and plant production group

Tissue culture techniques over the past decades as an effective tool in micropropagation, reproduce, modify, and production plants in controlled conditions in vitro research centers around the world are used. In general, plant tissue culture cannot be separated from the other branches of science, such as genetics, physiology, tissue culture, gardening, etc., is also a useful tool in the service of other sciences and to help them achieve the desired objectives. This research group has been launched with the beginning of the work of Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran- Central Region at March 2005. Plant tissue culture group successfully achieved to the self- sufficiency program of potato seed tuber production and transferred the technology of in vitro production of pathogen- free stock plants to private companies. Today, about 28 laboratories are actively produce 10 million minitubers which meet the whole demand in our country.

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