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Morteza Khanahmadi
Associate Professor
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Dr.MortezaKhanahmadi started his career as a researcher in JIHAD DANESHGAHY at 1988 after receiving BSc. degree fromChemical Engineering Department- Isfahan University of Technology(IUT).He took his MSc degree in Chemical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology(SUT),at 1994 and joined to Agricultural Research and Education Organization(AREO) as faculty member and head of Agricultural Engineering Research Department in Isfahan. He received a PhD in Chemical Engineering from SUT,at 2004. He served as head of the Isfahan Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center between 2011-2013.From 2014 till now, he is the manager of Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute (ABRII)-Central Region Branch. He is a specialist in bioprocess engineering.His research is more focused on production of various biological products usingthe bioreactorsystems and especially solid state fermentation bioreactors.Recently, he is doing research on bioreactor-mediated production of medicinal plant bioactive compounds. He is reviewer of several journals including ‘BioResource Technology’ and ‘Biochemical Engineering Journal’.

The design of an appropriate bioreactor for production ofhypericin and hyperoforin usingHypericumperfuratum hairy root culture.Compared with farm grown plants, production of secondary metabolites within bioreactor has definite advantages namely much less water consumption, shorter production time, year around production, independency from climate, and no pesticide. Profitable production of secondary metabolites needs appropriate bioreactor design, which is the target of this project.This is a case study for development of a bioreactor to producehypericin and hyperforinusingHypericumperforatum hairy rootculture.

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• Khanahmadi, M., Roostaazad, R., Safekordi, A., Bozorgmehri, R. and Mitchell, D.A., 2004. Investigating the use of cooling surfaces in solid‐state fermentation tray bioreactors: modeling and experimentation. Journal of chemical technology and biotechnology, 79(11), pp.1228-1242.. (ISI)

- Design and construction of solid state fermentation bioreactor  

- Production of an enzyme complex by solid state fermentation

- Production of yogurt starter cultures

- Production of lactic acid bacteria by solid state fermentation

- Production of xylanase by solid state fermentation

- Selected alumnus of Sharif University of Technology

- Selected Researcher of Agriculture Research and Extension Organization

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