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Pomegranate germplasm evaluation using morphological and molecular markers in order to form a core collection
Pomegranate is widely consumed in Iran. Part of annual production is also exported. During the last five years its production is more than doubled and reached the record of one million tones per year. ...
Pilot scale production of hypercin and hyperforin in hairy root cultures of Hypericum perforatum in bioreactor
Hypericum L. species are distributed throughout several countries in the world. Among the numerous species, Hypericum perforatum L. has been used in traditional medicine for over two thousand years and nowadays is mainly used for the treatment of depression and neurological disorders ...
Collecting and analysis of licorice (Glycirrhizaglabra) wild populations of Iran in order to introduce elite genotypes
Licorice (GlycyrrhizaglabraL.) is an important commercial medicinal plant belonging to Leguminosae ...
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